Our Team

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M. Patrick Murphy J.D., USA Retired

Executive Analyst, Director of Operations

Michael Murphy: Mr. Murphy has over 30 years of Years of Investigative, Law Enforcement and Special Operations experience. Mr. Murphy’s career has spanned the globe, primarily in Asia, Central America, and the Mid-East, while in Military service.

Mr. Murphy has also worked for two major law enforcement agency’s, serving as a Detective, Traffic homicide investigator and Special Operations Units.  

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John Milne, USN Retired

Director of Logistics

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Merrick J. Taylor

Senior Strategist

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Steve Davidson

Director of Computer Logistics and IT Services

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Rick Kornis

Corporate Counsel 

Rick Kornis had been in practice for 20 years, primarily focusing on transactional law, both domestic and international. He holds a JD, LLM, and is a SJD Fellow, whereas his focus is on international financial regulatory schemes and any money laundering policies.

Rick Kornis represents businesses and individual clients regarding domestic and foreign commercial transactions as well as financial transactions. He worked for the first Russian Securities Company and an adviser post Soviet era and was a financial consultant with A major brokerage firm in the United States.