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Delta Consulting and Marketing:

As an internationally-recognized firm, Formally known as Murphy & Allen Consulting L.L.C, it was reorganized in 2017 into Delta Consulting and Marketing LLC to provide better service and professionalism to all of our clients. 

Delta Consulting and Marketing LLC (DCM) maintains a global network of logistical and intelligence-based resources. With cross-disciplinary interaction, our staff includes former law enforcement officers, military personal, white collar analysts, and special operations personal. Our extensive record of service includes corporate logistics, internet security, computer forensics, litigation support, and maritime issues.

DCM has been retained by countless law firms in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Texas, Florida and throughout the country. We have assisted them in a variety of cases involving Litigation support, Accident Reconstruction.

Our corporate clients’ rely on DCM for swift information gathering, corporate intelligence, theft prevention, tactical planning, logistics implementation, Pre and Post business acquisition and training.

Our services are wide-reaching and all-encompassing, as is our client base. Our headquarters in Mobile, Alabama give Delta Consulting and Marketing vast ability to provide services throughout the country and the world. Contact us at [email protected]

Delta Consulting and Marketing works within four core areas. Our multi-disciplinary team of insurance experts, computer experts, communication experts, researchers and analysts collaborate to get the facts you need to make informed decisions related to:

Civil Litigation Support

Criminal Legation Support


Special Operations

We tailor our services to meet the needs of every client.

A Client Said...

I couldn't have done it without them..

Cpt. Crystal Hobbs- Client

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